About Tampa Bay Beer Week

Mission Statement
Advancing the Tampa Bay beer culture through education, events and marketing. Celebrating the diverse local, national, and international mixed culture that encompasses the greater Tampa Bay area beer community.

The inaugural Tampa Bay Beer Week was established in 2012, and has since hosted thousands of events ranging from large-scale festivals to beer tastings, beer dinners and more. The success of TBBW has been a major factor in the continuing growth of the Tampa Bay area craft beer community. Tampa Bay Beer Week begins on the first Saturday of March and ends 8 days later. It has become the premier Beer Week destination in the Southeast. Our annual mid-year festival, Halfway There, is our major fundraising event.

Who we are
Tampa Bay Beer Week is organized and operated by Tampa Bay Beer Week Inc., a 501c6 Not-for-profit organization. Our board consists of brewers, brewery owners, distributors, home brewers and independent beer enthusiasts.

Chris Fairchild, Executive Director
Barry Allen Elwonger, Chair
Cory Sturdivant, Internal Chair
Travis Kruger, External Chair
Briant Mertz, Secretary & Social Media Director
Sam Coccia, Treasurer
Thomas Peter Barris, Cultural Director
Veronica Danko, Legal Advisor

Newly inducted Non-Designated Members:
Coleman Berra
Danielle Izso
Jeni Dearden
Joshua Perian
Karla Rave
Melanie Tymrak