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September 22, 2020
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Tampa Bay Craft Beer Relief Fund

With every $1,000 donated one more location will be assisted. 100% of the donated funds go to these employees. For donation inquiries please email Donations can be anonymous or made public by request. Applications for additional retailer participation can be found here: We urge everyone to exercise safety precautions as recommended by the CDC and local governments. We look forward to this virus passing as safely as possible and us being able to celebrate together as soon as we can.


Since the announcement of the mandatory closure of bay area breweries, restaurants, and bars, members of the beer community and service industry have taken historic financial losses. This should be peak season for the on-premise businesses that support craft beer, instead, most are struggling to pay employees and rent. To assist, Tampa Bay Beer Week is initiating a dollar for dollar sales matching program that will help employees of these businesses in a time of great need.

Ten breweries and ten on-premise retailers will be the initial beneficiaries for a single day promotion, followed by additional rounds. TBBW will donate a match of all sales up to $1,000 on the designated day for each selected location. These locations will be announced and promoted on the TBBW website, social media channels, and more. The goal is to encourage customers to pick up food and beer from these establishments. These to-go products are still allowed under the current statewide order.